FOXX Advertising and Design Inc. is a full service advertising agency that offers a wide range of services and skill sets to an equally diverse range of clients on an international, national, and regional level

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Long regarded as a celebrated designer of high fashion chairs and furniture, Lisa Taylor was looking to start her own signature brand: Lisa Taylor Designs. The objective of this signature brand was to create an air of exclusivity and prestige amongst those looking for more than your standard fare.

FOXX designed a brand that was both elegant yet contemporary with a unique twist. In the process capturing the essence of the brand creating a very personal look and feel that stands head and shoulders above the crowd. From chairs and sofas to barstools, all communication focused on décor items that were timeless and beautiful, while at the same time functional and fabulous. All through the use of clean design and big, bold, and beautiful photography.

Creation and Design for Lisa Taylor Designs