FOXX Advertising and Design Inc. is a full service advertising agency that offers a wide range of services and skill sets to an equally diverse range of clients on an international, national, and regional level

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SEO and SEM, Brand marketing

Welcome to our new website, and our first FOXX blog entry. If you’ve had a chance to wander our website, one of the big things that probably struck you is the wide variety of our clients, everything from B2C, B2B, CPG to Retail and Government projects. And with local, regional, national and international clients, our interests are as varied as their geography.

Brand marketing, shopper marketing, loyalty programs, SEO and SEM, eblasts and of course traditional communications of all stripes: each is a valuable tool in your arsenal and your bottom line.

So it will come as no surprise when you read our blog over the coming weeks and months that you’ll discover an eclectic blend of what it takes to stay ahead of the curve in today’s world. Everything from serious studies and reviews of changing practices to humour and trivia to lighten up your day.

Regardless of your interests, one thing we guarantee is that our blog will be thought-provoking and passionate. If you believe that advertising and communications are capable of making a good life even better, and cause not only reactions but actions, be sure to drop by often and get some insight to the world of marketing with FOXX Advertising.

Thank you.

Ted Walsh

FOXX Advertising & Design Inc.