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Consumer Package Goods


Naughty Otter Lager

Playful and impish, Naughty Otter plays to the lighter side of beer drinkers. With a fun and vivacious personality unlike any other offering

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European Meats

European Meats has been bringing their signature brand of quality and great taste to Canadians for over a half century.

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Molly B’s

With gluten-free being all the rage, Molly B’s wanted to capitalized on this with a total rebrand of their packaging and on-line presence.

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Herbion has provided effective and safe relief for all types of cough, cold and flu through their all-natural herbal remedies since 1983 but were relatively unknown in the Canadian market.

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Silani Cheese

Proudly owned and operated by three grandsons of the original founders, Silani Cheese has been combining traditional master workmanship and

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For over 20 years, Dorgel has been consistently satisfying the needs of dessert lovers across North America

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Export Packers

As a global player in the import/export and marketing of food products to the retail trade focusing primarily on seafood

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As an industry leader and much admired corporate entity, Starbucks does not choose their partners lightly. But when they needed to maximize

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Antoine & Muse

Antoine and Muse is a highly respected purveyor of fine food products that they affectionately label as “gourmet inspirations.”

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Train Wreck Strong Ale

Edgy, brash, in-your-face. Gananoque Brewing was introducing a 6.5% Strong Ale and needed something that set it apart

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