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Even though the holiday shopping season has just kicked off, it’s fair to say that many retailers are scratching their heads wondering what the season will bring. Great gifts, or lumps of coal? Regardless, it’s a safe bet that this holiday means more of the same: those who take actions in advance are rewarded.
If you’ve been putting it off, here’s a quick check list to get you started to a successful season.
• Update/refresh your web presence… remember many customers start here before they leave their home. And when’s the last time you updated your Facebook page and your blog?
• Review your SEO strategy… are you at the top of the list with the keywords your customers use?
• Plan to move merchandise around weekly; customers always want to “discover” something special, especially this time of year. Change the front of your store regularly to entice your customers.
• Do you have a Boxing Week strategy in place? Are there any close-outs/short runs you can buy-in to?
• Lastly, prepare a New Year’s resolution: in 2012, I resolve to work harder at building a brand that’s unique and that exceeds consumer expectations.
Plan ahead to get ahead. Strategies lead to plans, and plans lead to actions. And without his actions, Noah would have been all wet.

Ted Walsh

FOXX Advertising & Design Inc.