FOXX Advertising and Design Inc. is a full service advertising agency that offers a wide range of services and skill sets to an equally diverse range of clients on an international, national, and regional level

Clever.     Concise.    Creative.

Foxx Advertising and Design Inc. is a full-service, creatively driven advertising agency based in Toronto. And while our address says “Canada” we have worked with both national and international clients, from soup to nuts, automotive to high tech, and everything in between. If you visit FOXX.ca regularly you’ll find updated samples of our work, case studies, blog entries on what we find relevant and remotely interesting, and an overall feel for what we bring to the table. Or as we call it: X. The intangible variable every client needs, but not every agency possesses.

Our Recent Work

Advertising and Design Service

We’ve heard it a million times. “We never saw our previous agency.” Or “We met the higher-ups in the pitch and never saw them again.” Not with FOXX. Senior team members have a stake in the company and in turn, your company’s success, every step of the way.”